Kitchen and Bedroom Repainted

Hi guys! So today I will be getting my kitchen and bedroom repainted. It has been long over due and I can’t wait to see what the out come will look like in the end. The kitchen will be going from white to red and my bedroom will be repainted in a ocean storm grey color. It will give my home a more modern look, which should help me sale the home, when the time comes.

The painting company I decided to go with were rated the number 1 painters in South Bend. They have been painting homes for a couple of years now, and receive a lot of good reviews. They helped me decide on the colors I should use for both rooms, which helped me out since it was a though decision for me. Here is some information about residential painting contractors we chose.

  • Brothers Colors Painting
  • 3921 Eastmont Dr, South Bend, IN 46628
  • (574) 387-3318

They offer free estimates so, if you live in St. Joseph county I would suggest you call them for any repaints. I will be sure to post before and after pictures of the completed job when they are finished with the job, which should be later today. They said it might take an extra day, since my bedroom may need extra coats, since it is currently a orange color which is harder to paint over than say a lighter color.