Farm life in the City of Madison

chickensI haven’t been home in 2 weeks since I was in Chicago on tour for Lollapalooza, and came home to my friend telling me he has something he has been wanting to show me. So do you want to know what I found at my friends house, and lets me remind you that we live in downtown Madison, WI. So I walk into his condo, and in his backyard, guess what I find. Chickens! Not a dog or a new pet snake or something most people usually get in cities, but chickens. I was so surprised, since he is the first person I know to even have chicken here in the city. He just bought a tiny coop that fits his two hens and put it on his patio.

The one cool thing about him having hens is that he will have fresh eggs for breakfast, so I’m excited to find out what they will taste like. I heard they are suppose to taste better, but I’ll have to what to actually put it to the test. I am also curious as to if my friend will actually keep the chickens or not. He doesn’t really seem like the farmer type, but I guess his family back home got some and he feel in love with the ideal.

I will keep you guys updated with information on this. Who knows maybe he will start the trend of having his in the city. Let me know if you guys would ever raise chickens in the city!